Custom reusable grocery bags

Drive sustainability with your brand

With customised BitsyBags, your brand, company, society or body will be advocating for sustainability and responsibility in purchasing habits by reducing single-use plastic consumption.

Bossa personalitzada Bitsy Bags

1 - Decide the bag capacity

You can choose between 3kg and 5kg.

2 - How many units do you want?

We customise BitsyBags starting from 1,000 units.

3 - Loose bags or packs

Choose if you want to receive the bags individually or in packs of 2, 3 or 5 units. We can also customise the cardboard packaging.

4 - Design your label and choose a colour

Design your label from our template. Choose a corporate colour bearing in mind the base of the labels is always black.

5 - Choose a seam colour

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6 - DoYourBitsy!

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