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Website access and usage conditions

This section includes essential information for users on this website's access and usage conditions. Information required for the purposes of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and E-Commerce.

Owner: Bitsybags SL
C.I.F.: B67275131
Registered office: C / Roine 29 2º1ª 08030 - Barcelona

Acceptance of the General Business Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions set out below, regulate the use of the Bitsybags S.L. website

The use of the Bitsybags S.L. website grants you the status of user and implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all the General Conditions published at the time of access.

For this reason, we recommend that the user carefully reads the content of the General Conditions each time they are ready to use the website.

Denial and withdrawal of access to the Website and or services
Bitsybags S.L., reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its website, at any time and without prior notice, to those users who breach these General Conditions or the specific conditions that may be applicable.

Applicable law

Spanish law governs these General Conditions.

New Data Protection Law legal information

The User guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of all the data that they provide both in completing the registration forms and any time thereafter. It is the user's responsibility to keep the information they provide up-to-date, in order for it to reflect their real situation. The user shall be responsible for the inaccuracy or lack of veracity of the information provided.

By filling out the different data collection forms on this Website, the user gives their express consent for Bitsybags S.L. to process their personal data in order to provide more information about the company and inform about products and services offered.

Bitsybags S.L. has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect the Personal Data that it collects and is subject to automated processing.

Bitsybags S.L. undertakes, in any case, to treat personal data in accordance with the Law and regulations in force regarding data protection, as well as to establish the relevant confidentiality commitments with third parties to whom it provides or allows access to these personal data.

The user is informed, in accordance with article 5 of law 15/1999, of the ability to exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by sending a signed letter along with a photocopy of their ID to the company Bitsybags, S.L. with the heading DATA PROTECTION to the address: Calle Roine 29 2º1ª, 08030 - Barcelona.

User Registration Procedure

The user registration application and the assignment of your password User registration and the assignment of your password for our user area do not imply the automatic assignment of an access key, as this is always optional for Bitsybags, S.L. We reserve the right to cancel your access key without prior notice, as well as to remove your application and registration from our database at any time.

We would like to remind you that the conditions of use of your access key as a user are as follows:

- The username or email address and password assigned to the registered user are personal and non-transferable.

- The user undertakes to carefully protect the user name and password and to keep them secret.

-It is the responsibility of the registered user to exercise due diligence to prevent access to and/or use of the services available to them by third parties who access or use identification codes or passwords on their behalf.

-The registered user will be solely responsible for the selection, loss, theft or unauthorised use of any identification code or key and the consequences that may arise from this.

- The registered user must notify Bitsybags, S.L. as soon as possible, of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of their identifying username and password. This communication must be made in writing to our address or by email.

- The previous communication will also be required when the user has a simple suspicion of such acts, in which case Bitsybags, S.L. will proceed to cancel the registered user, without preventing the user from starting the registration process again.

- The registered user may immediately unsubscribe as a user at any time, without such a decision having retroactive effect, by writing to our registered office or by sending an e-mail, identifying themselves as a registered user with their access key.

User registration will imply their express and unreserved acceptance of all the conditions established in the Bitsybags, S.L. Legal Notice.

El usuario interesado solicitará a través del formulario Web su petición de asignación de usuario y contraseña. La petición no podrá ser enviada si el interesado no lee y acepta las condiciones de uso de la misma.

The user name must be a valid email address or a valid user name exclusively owned by the user. The e-mail address provided may be used by Bitsybags, S.L. for sending communications.

The interested user can request a user name and password through the web form. The request cannot be sent if the interested party does not read and accept the terms and conditions of use.

The user’s request will be evaluated and their authenticity checked by Bitsybags, S.L. staff. Accepted requests will be answered by sending an email to your email address provided along with the terms of use, your username and password. Receiving this request implies the express acceptance of the conditions established by the company.

Payment Method

The customer can pay the amount of their order in any of the following ways. The customer must choose the payment method during the purchasing process:

VISA or MASTERCARD credit card

All operations involving the transmission of personal or bank details are made using a secure environment, based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard security technology server. Any information provided to us is transferred in encrypted form through the network.

As well as this, your credit card details are entered directly into the bank's page, via the POS (Point of Sale) terminal and are not entered or recorded in any Bitsybags, S.L. server.

When paying with VISA or MASTERCARD, you will always be asked for the following information: the card number, the expiration date, and a Validation Code (CVV) which matches the last three digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD, which guarantees more security for the transaction.

This payment method is only valid on the website.

If the purchase amount has been charged fraudulently or wrongfully using a credit card number, the cardholder may demand immediate cancellation of the charge. In such a case, the corresponding debit and credit entries shall be returned to the provider's and cardholder's accounts as soon as possible.

However, if the purchase has actually been made by the cardholder and the refund request was not as a result of the right of withdrawal or resolution and, therefore, has unduly demanded the cancellation of the corresponding charge, the cardholder will be obliged to compensate Bitsybags S.L. for damages caused as a result of such cancellation.


Allows for secure and convenient online payments. The PayPal network is based on existing financial infrastructure for bank accounts and credit cards to create a global real-time payment solution. PayPal provides a service specifically designed for those who are dissatisfied with traditional payment methods.

More information on Paypal.

In the event that there are one or more products purchased, the order will not be sent until all the products are available at Bitsybags S.L.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs have a fixed cost of €3.99 in Spain and Portugal.

Each shipment is assigned a number to facilitate tracking until delivery.

Bitsybags, S.L. is not responsible for the charges incurred by customs taxes on international shipments.

Delivery time

Orders received with confirmed payment will be delivered within a maximum period of 30 days, stipulated by default in the Law. Service delivery takes place on working days, from Monday to Friday.

The agreed delivery times are without prejudice to delays (up to 30 days) that may occur for the following reasons: product customisation, special items, unforeseen circumstances, delivery location, force majeure or unforeseen circumstances.

If for any reason we are unable to make the delivery date, you will be informed and we will give you the option of continuing with the purchase, setting a new delivery date, or cancelling the order with a full refund of the total price paid.

If one of the items ordered is not available at the time you place your order, we will provide you with an approximate time frame in which we will deliver the requested item.

Delivery Methods

The goods will be delivered to the address specified by the sender, unless the recipient is absent or the weight, volume or nature of the property prevents delivery. In this case, and with prior notice, this delivery will be made to the street door or to the destination service centre. If the addressee is absent, it may be delivered to a different person after the addressee has been notified. In order to proceed with the delivery process, a signature is required on the delivery note by the addressee or by an authorised person. For the purposes of this text, "delivery" or the product(s) shall be deemed to have been "delivered" at the time of signing for receipt at the agreed delivery address.

Bitsybags, S.L. does not guarantee deliveries at specific and set times. If the buyer indicates a specific delivery date, or within said date, specifies a preferred delivery time slot, this will be approximate only. Bitsybags, S.L.. must communicate this to the courier so that it can comply with this specification as well as possible, without assuming any other obligation or responsibility.

If delivery is impossible for us, we will try to find a safe place to drop off the package. In the event of not being able to find a safe place, your product(s) will be returned to our warehouse. We will leave you a note explaining where your package is and how to get it sent again. If you are not going to be at the delivery address at the agreed time, please contact us to arrange delivery on another day.
Si no va a estar en el lugar de entrega a la hora convenida, le rogamos que se ponga en contacto con nosotros para convenir la entrega en otro día.

The recipient must take into account that the storage and new shipment of their product(s) may incur an additional cost.

Product Returns

As a consumer, you have the right to return your order within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the order.

In order to make the return, you must notify us by writing an email to

The return must be made with the same courier company, using the same type of service that we used for the first shipment.

Shipping and return costs will be covered by the customer.

Products must be returned in their original packaging.

Custom-made and/or personalised products cannot be returned.

Once we have received the returned products and have checked that they are in good condition, the payment will be refunded within 14 calendar days.

Exchange for another product

It is only possible to exchange for another item of the same price, or if the item you want to exchange for costs more, you must pay the difference; this is within the first 15 days from the date you receive the item.

Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal, the amount of the purchases is not refunded except in case of damage or defects, however, we carefully check the product before sending it to you to avoid such circumstances.

In the event that you want to change or return an item, you must send it to the following address in its original packaging. The cost of shipping will always be paid by the customer, we strongly advise using a courier company due to the nature of the product.

If you have any questions, you can contact us using our contact form or by calling 693 01 54 86.


The purchasing system is subject to Spanish law. In accordance with current regulations, all purchases made through the website will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), which will be charged at the rate in force at the time of delivery. The purchasing system is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.

With regard to sales to other European Union member states, in accordance with current regulations on distance sales, deliveries will be treated as localised and taxed in Spain, when the recipient is a private individual located in another member state.

Where the recipient is a trader or professional, who is making the purchase for business purposes, and provides a VAT-ID number issued by the tax authorities of another member state, the delivery will be treated as having been made and will be taxed in the destination country.

The prices that appear on the Bitsybags, S.L. page include VAT. The applicable prices are those indicated on the website on the date of the order. Bitsybags, S.L. will notify you of the total price by mail once the order has been placed, with the corresponding taxes and shipping costs. Bitsybags, S.L. reserves the right at any time to modify prices without prior notice, but (except in the case of an error in the published price) possible changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent you a Shipping Confirmation.

For orders addressed to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Gibraltar and Andorra, deliveries will be exempt from VAT without prejudice to the application of the corresponding taxes and tariffs in accordance with the regulations in force in each of these countries.

Customer Support

Please contact us for support at the following telephone number and e-mail address.

o Email:

o Customer support: 693 01 54 86

Obligation to make proper use of the website and its content.

All the content included on this website is provided for information purposes only, so under no circumstances may it be used as grounds for appeals or claims, nor may it constitute a source of rights. Bitsybags, S.L. reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the content of the website.

The User agrees to the proper use of the Website and utilities provided to them in accordance with the law, this legal document, and the instructions and notices communicated herein.

The User agrees to the exclusive use of the Website, and all its contents, for lawful and unprohibited purposes, which do not infringe current legislation and/or may be harmful to the legitimate rights of Bitsybags, S.L. or any third party, and/or which may cause any damage or harm directly or indirectly.

For this purpose, the user shall refrain from using any of the website's contents for illicit purposes or effects, which are prohibited by this Legal Document, which are harmful to the rights and interests of third parties or which, in any way, may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the website.

Merely as a guideline rather than for exhaustive purposes, the user particularly undertakes not to transmit, disclose or make available any information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material to any third party that:

- in any way whatsoever, disregards or violates fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised by the Constitution, international treaties and other legislation
- induces, incites or promotes criminal, denigrating, defamatory, infamous or violent actions or, in general, actions contrary to the law, generally accepted morals and good customs or public order;
- induces, incites or promotes discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts based on sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or status;
- incorporates, makes available or allows access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading or, in general, contrary to the law, generally accepted morals and good customs or public order;
- is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or misleading about its purpose or the intentions or purposes of the communicator;
- is protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having previously obtained the necessary authorisation from the owners to carry out the use they undertake or intend to undertake;
- violates the business secrecy of third parties;
- is contrary to the right to honour, to personal and family privacy or to the images of individuals;
in any way diminishes Bitsybags, S.L.'s credit
- infringes the regulations on the secrecy of communications;
- constitutes, if applicable, illicit, misleading or unfair advertising and, in general, unfair competition;
- incorporates a virus or other physical or electronic elements that could damage or prevent the normal functioning of the network, system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of Bitsybags, S.L. or third parties, or that could damage the electronic documents and files stored in said computer equipment;
- causes, due to its characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.), difficulties in the normal operation of the Service;


- Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any other way publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Contents, unless you have the authorisation of the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted;
- Deleting, manipulating or in any way altering the copyright and other data identifying the reservation of rights of Bitsybags, S.L.
- Trying to obtain the Contents by using means or procedures other than those which, depending on the case, have been made available to this effect or have been indicated for this purpose on the web page where the Contents are located or, in general, those which are normally used on the Internet for this purpose, provided that they do not entail a risk of damage or disablement of the web site, the Services and/or the Contents.

The user will be responsible for damages of any kind that Bitsybags, S.L. may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations established in the general conditions or by law in relation to the use of the Website.

Intellectual property

All the contents of are the intellectual property of the company and are protected in accordance with national and international Intellectual Property legislation.

The use of the content of our website is absolutely prohibited without the written authorisation of Bitsybags, S.L.

It is forbidden to use this page as a framework for others. However, it is possible to include a link to our Internet address (url address of the Website) as long as it does not relate to false, inaccurate or incorrect statements that could lead to error or confusion or that are contrary to the law, ethics, or good practice.

Users can download the web page onto their terminal, provided it is for private use, without any commercial purpose, meaning they may not exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly communicate, transfer, transform or use the Website content for public or commercial purposes.

The infringement of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of these provisions, as well as a crime punishable in accordance with articles 270 and following of the Penal Code.


All copyrights and other intellectual property rights on graphic material, graphics, text, video and audio clips, trademarks, logos and other content available on this website ("Content") are owned by Bitsybags, S.L. or are used under authorisation.

Although you may copy any part of this website to your own computer for personal use, you may not copy or incorporate any of the Content available on the website anywhere else, including your own website, or use the Content in any other public or commercial manner. This means that you may not publish or redistribute any part of our website unless we have granted you a license to do so. This also means that Bitsybags, S.L. retains full ownership of all such Content, including any downloadable software or code, any images embedded in or generated by the software, and all accompanying data. You must not copy, modify, reproduce, upload, transmit, distribute, reverse engineer, disassemble, or transform the Content into any other format.

The trademarks, logos and any other industrial property that appear on this site are the property of Bitsybags, S.L. The use of these trademarks is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of Bitsybags, S.L, or of the third party trademark owners.

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