Customise BitsyBags

Drive sustainability with your brand

With customised BitsyBags, your brand, company, society or body will be advocating for sustainability and responsibility in purchasing habits by reducing single-use plastic consumption.

Bossa personalitzada Bitsy Bags

1 - Decide the bag capacity

You can choose between 3kg and 5kg.

2 - How many units do you want?

We customise BitsyBags starting from 1,000 units.

3 - Loose bags or packs

Choose if you want to receive the bags individually or in packs of 2, 3 or 5 units. We can also customise the cardboard packaging.

4 - Design your label and choose a colour

Design your label from our template. Choose a corporate colour bearing in mind the base of the labels is always black.

5 - Choose a seam colour

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6 - DoYourBitsy!

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