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A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain websites.

They are used to allow the website to remember your visit the next time you browse that page. Cookies usually store technical information, personal preferences, content personalisation, usage statistics, links to social networking sites, access to user accounts, etc. The purpose of a cookie is to adapt the contents of the website to your profile and needs. Without cookies , the services offered by any site would be significantly impaired.      

Bitsybags S.L. cookies cannot read data from your hard drive or read cookie files created by other service providers.  

Use of Cookies

 Bitsybags S.L. uses its own and third-party cookies in order to offer a better browsing experience and a better service. However, the user has the option to prevent cookie creation and to delete them by selecting the corresponding option on their browser. If you block the use of cookies in your browser, some services or functionalities of the Website may not be available.

Types of cookies used by Bitsybags SL: Bitsybags SL:

Session Cookies: these are temporary cookies that are stored in your browser's cookie file until the user leaves the website, so they are not saved on your hard drive. Information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the website.

Permanent Cookies: These are stored on the hard drive and our website reads them every time the user visits the site. A permanent cookie has a set expiration date and will stop working after this date.

Below is a list of the main cookies used on our website, distinguishing between the following:

- Strictly necessary cookies, such as those that are used for correct navigation or cookies that serve to verify that the content of the website is loaded efficiently.
- Third-party cookies, such as those used by social networks, or for external content plug-ins such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
- Analytical cookies for periodic maintenance purposes, and in honour of guaranteeing the best possible service to the user, websites normally use analytical cookies to collect statistical data on activity.

Disabling or deleting cookies

You may exercise your right to disable or delete cookies from this website at any time. This can be done in different ways depending on the browser you are using. 

Additional notes

Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the contents or the veracity of the privacy policies that third parties mentioned in this Cookie Policy may have. .

Web browsers are the tools responsible for storing cookies and this is where you must exercise your right to delete or disable them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of the cookies on behalf of said browsers.    por parte de los mencionados navegadores.

In some cases, it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision to reject them.  

      Google Analytics cookies are stored in servers located in the United States of America and the company undertakes not to share these cookies with third parties except in cases when it is necessary for the proper functioning of the system or when required by law. Google certifies that it does not store your IP address. Google Inc. is a company that adheres to the Safe Harbour Agreement, which ensures that all transferred data is processed with an adequate level of protection as set out in EU regulations. You can find detailed information on this subject by clicking on this link. If you want information about the use of Google cookies here is another link..

Should you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please feel free to get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section.  

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