Our Story

We are an English journalist and a Portuguese designer in Barcelona, who started BitsyBags to save the world -- one bag at a time.

The challenge was how to carry home mouthwatering fresh produce without wrapping it in plastic? We couldn’t seem to find any alternatives we liked, so we designed our own.

Fruit and vegetables are little pieces of art to us, so we tried to honour that and the result is BitsyBags.

Susie & Claudia


The Bag

Born in Barcelona.

…Started by two friends who decided to make beautiful bags – with a conscience.

Stylish and Sustainable.

…Say goodbye to plastic, and hello to grocery shopping in style. Our bags can be used to sort all of your produce without the need for any plastic.

100% European.

…BitsyBags are the only produce bags designed and manufactured wholly in Europe.

Made from strong, lightweight fabric, our bags are designed to hold up to 3kg, but are still light enough to rival plastic. The mesh fabric allows your produce to breathe, and the bags are machine washable.

Our bags are also extremely durable, using the highest quality material and stitching. The mesh was originally developed for the automotive industry, so it won’t rip or stretch in funny ways. And the stitching is the same as on football jerseys! Our confidence in the bag design is so high we’ve given it a three-year guarantee -- and hope your BitsyBags last much longer.

And don’t worry, after their (hopefully long) life, our bags are also fully recyclable. Just throw them in the yellow recycling container.

So, what’s the story behind BitsyBags?

Susie: I used to live in the US, and found out about produce bags there – these are reusable bags that you can use for buying your veggies and fruits. So I bought a few bags online, and they just became part of my normal shopping routine. They were a bit impractical – for example the white colour stained very easily, but there were no other alternatives on the market. Then I moved to Barcelona, and I was constantly being asked at the grocery store where such bags could be bought. And I just thought: why not make something better, and locally?

Claudia: Here in Spain, people eat a lot of fresh produce – and they buy in bulk. I guess it’s the climate, the diet. But in the shops the bags you use need to be transparent. And to be honest, plastic bags are free and light. But the environmental impact is just terrible. Susie and I were talking one day and decided we should try create something together, that would make a difference. To come up with an alternative, we started to explore different fabrics and designs. We went through a lot of different ideas, and got loads of samples made – some were really awful!

Susie: We wanted to make something beautiful, just because it’s a produce bag doesn’t mean it should be ugly. And we wanted to make something as local as possible – you can get cheap Chinese versions of anything, but we knew this was not for us.

Claudia: in the end we found a fabric we loved, its black which is already different. It is very lightweight, originally it was created for the automotive industry so it’s also extremely durable – not to mention fully recyclable as well. Our producer is in Portugal, they pay good wages to their staff and create great quality products. And the bags – we just love them. They even make the fruits and vegetables more beautiful. Some people told us the bags are too ‘sexy’. (laughs).

Susie: Well, we are in Barcelona. Our produce is beautiful, so the bags should be too! We are so happy that we have created a stylish alternative for produce bags – and we hope others will love them too. And we know that the more reusable bags are used, the less plastic waste we create. We are not just a small business – we want to make a difference. So we will be donating 10% of our profits to ocean clean-up. Every time someone uses a BitsyBag they will be making a difference both by reducing their personal plastic use, and tackling marine plastic pollution. That’s why our slogan is “do your bitsy”!