Why Bitsy?

Why Bitsy? We wanted to design a beautiful bag that would make it easy to say goodbye to plastic, while being stylish and simple to use.

Plastic bags are convenient, but we use them for only a short period, and each bag contributes to the overwhelming sea of plastic pollution. In Europe alone, we get through 50 billion plastic bags a year – with millions ending up littering the environment.

Using a reusable BitsyBag saves you from adding hundreds of plastic bags to that number. It’s a small act with a big impact.

Each BitsyBag purchase has the added benefit of contributing to a planet free of plastic pollution, as we donate 10 percent of profits to Rezero, Foundation for Prevention of Waste and Responsible Consumption.

We also wanted to ensure that we didn’t add to the problem, so at the end of their life, BitsyBags are fully recyclable. Just throw them in the yellow recycling container.

We are the only 100% European produce bag, with all of our design, materials and manufacturing done wholly – and ethically – in Europe.

Our philosophy is that doing good shouldn’t feel weighty, but feather light and fun like a BitsyBag.

So just remember to keep your BitsyBags with you, and you can say goodbye to single-use plastics when you shop for groceries – and feel good about using a beautiful bag that is helping to save the world.

Here’s your chance to “do your bitsy” for the environment!